9 Ways to Positively Impact Your Kid’s Language Development

Learning to talk is an important milestone in the development of any child. Spoken language allows children to verbalize their emotions and communicate their needs. However, for new parents figuring out how to help their child develop language skills may be a mystery. In this piece, we will discuss the nine ways that you can positively impact your child’s language development.

  1. Talk through common Count the steps while walking down the stairs. Ask your child to lift their bottom or turn their body while changing their diaper. Describe what you are doing when you change their clothes. The words attached to everyday things will be the first words a child says.
  2. Read books to them. Books provide a language that a child might not hear during everyday It’s a good way to bond with your child since you will either hold them or sit directly in front of them. When sitting directly in front of them, make sure to make eye contact when asking questions. This helps with eye contact in the future, and the child sees how you move your mouth when you speak.
  3. Go on conversation rhymes. Walks are a great way to provide positively impact your child’s language development, so try walking around the neighborhood, at zoos or local farms. While walking, describe the people, places, and things that you encounter.
  4. Enunciate your words. This makes a difference in the quality of words children will produce. This will help your child to register what you are saying more easily. The speed should still sound somewhat natural.
  5. Sing nursery songs. These songs are catchy and easy for your child to remember.
  6. Speak in short, simple sentences. When you speak in simpler sentences, a child is more likely to repeat it and understand it. This should not be done when having regular conversations. This is so that your child can repeat after you so only use this strategy when you are expecting a response.
  7. Use Apps that label like Puzzingo. The app is one with lots of puzzles that children line up. While the child picks up the picture piece, the application voices the label. Every time the puzzle is completed, there is some sort of reward.
  8. Do hands on projects. When doing hands on projects, make sure to label everything. Remember, when something is fun, it’s more memorable. When there are various senses used, the brain gets an opportunity to process the information. This is great for storing information into long term memory.
  9. Take picture walks through books. Instead of just reading books, talk through the pictures.

Can you think of any additional ways that you can positively impact your child’s language development?

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