A Brief Guide on Professor Rankings

Every professor has their own role. It is essential to understand their position and role to address them properly. In this article, we will talk about professor rankings. Let’s begin with the highest ranking, Emeritus. 

1. Emeritus

A retired professor is called Emeritus. The title is given at the end of the career. Some professors continue to work after retirement, while others choose to enjoy their retirement. Some institutions offer the title to every retired professor, while others give it to some professors only. 

2. Administrator

Most of the senior officials at an institute begin their journey as a professor. Later, they get promoted to deans, provosts, or even presidents. Starting a career as a professor could end up being an administrator. Colleges choose professors as an administrator because they understand the college culture better than anyone else. 

3. Distinguished Professor

The title is usually offered to top professors of the university or college. Professors who are seen as leaders in their field typically get this title. Some institutes have their own titles for distinguished professors. A distinguished professor is usually called a Dr. or Professor. 

4. Endowed Professor

Commonly addressed as an endowed professor or endowed chair, the position is an honor for any professor. A professor whose salary is funded through endowment is called an endowed professor. 

5. Full Professor

The next step of a tenured professor is “full professor.” Associate professors who receive tenure remain under review for five to seven years. If they meet the criteria, they get promoted to full professor. 

6. Associate Professor

Assistant professor gets promoted to associate professors when they get tenure. Usually, it takes nearly seven years to get the tenure. Before you get the tenure, your publications, research, and teaching is thoroughly reviewed. 

7. Assistant Professor

Don’t get confused with the title; an assistant professor is a full-time member of the university. They teach a range of subjects and conduct research as well. To get tenure, this is the first and most crucial step. 

8. Visiting Professor

As the name suggests, a part-time professor hired from another college or university is called a visiting professor. The aim behind the hiring is to provide students with a different perspective. A visiting professor is usually hired for a few months only. 

9. Graduate Teaching Assistant

A graduate teaching assistant is usually a student of the university enrolled in a Master’s program. To reduce their tuition fee, they are asked to teach one or more subjects. It is a part-time position. 

10. Adjunct Instructor

Schools use different titles for this position. They are hired to teach entry-level college courses. They are not full-time staff. Usually, they have a bachelor’s degree. 

Concluding Thoughts

Once you understand these rankings, it becomes easier to address them perfectly. If you are trying to become a professor, it is a perfect guide for you to start efficiently.

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