A Brief Guide to AP Exams

All students who partake in AP subjects will be required to complete AP exams. Even though these tests do not count towards the students’ high school GPA, they can be instrumental in determining whether or not that student will be accepted into the college of their choice. 

In this article, we will be talking about AP exams and what they entail. Also, we will mention a few crucial details that you should be aware of if you will be taking one of these tests. 

This includes how long the tests are, how often they occur, and the cost of taking each exam. 

What Is Advanced Placement?

AP (Advanced Placement) refers to the extra credit that students will receive if they do well on their AP exams. 

In short, these tests are designed to test the knowledge of students who take AP subjects. Colleges use these tests to determine whether a student’s academic level is adequate for the course they wish to take. 

At most colleges, a high score will earn the student college credit. This will lead to several advantages for the student. For example, their tuition bill will be lower. 

Why Are These Exams Important?

There are many reasons why taking AP classes is a good choice. As we have already mentioned, doing well in these courses could lead to lower college tuition bills. 

Also, having these subjects on your high school transcript looks better when you apply to different colleges. In total, there are 38 AP tests that cover a wide variety of subjects, including biology and history. 

AP Exams General Information

These tests are scored from 1 to 5 (with 5 being the best possible result). Note that exams are only offered during a two-week period in May, meaning that you will need to prepare and register in advance if you plan to take the test. 

It will cost you roughly $94 to take one exam. Contrary to popular belief, the grade received on these exams will not likely affect your high school GPA. However, every school is different – some institutions will give you credit if you score 4 or higher on the AP exam. 

Concluding Thoughts

AP exams are used to determine whether or not a student is adequately prepared for college. These tests will also earn a student college credit if their score is high enough. 

These exams are scored between 1 and 5, and they generally do not count towards a student’s high school GPA.

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