A Definition of Performative Verbs

Performative verbs are a type of verb that expresses action and states the speaker’s intention in the same utterance. Performative verbs are usually used to make declarations or issue commands and are often found in legal documents and other formal contexts.

One of the most common types of performative verbs is the speech act verb. Speech act verbs are used to perform an action that the speaker intends to convey by speaking. Examples of speech act verbs include “promise,” “declare,” “warn,” and “thank.” These speech act verbs are often used to make requests, give advice, or make promises in legal documents.

Another type of performative verb is the directive verb. Directive verbs are used to give orders or instructions and are often found in documents such as contracts, agreements, and other formal documents. Examples of directive verbs include “order,” “require,” “command,” “direct,” and “instruct.”

The use of performative verbs can be very effective in conveying the speaker’s intentions in a very direct and unambiguous way. However, it is important to be aware of the implications of using certain types of performative verbs, as they can be legally binding. Therefore, it is important to use performative verbs carefully in any formal documents or contexts. 

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