A Great Activity for Engaging Disengaged Learners

This is one of those strategies that must be used when learners start to lose their learning momentum. It is certainly a way for them to be engaged in the lesson.

You will need index cards, tape, bold colored markers, and 1 flashlight for every five learners to do this approach.

You can do the prep, or you can have the learners do the prep in small groups.

On the index cards, words need to be written to reflect the content of the class. Markers need to be used so that the words can be seen from the floor to the ceiling.

After the index cards are written, the learners, or you, can tape the words on the ceiling in a near area to where they will be seated or participating. Index cards should not be spread around the entire room. Before you shut off the lights and turn on the flashlights, read out the words that have been used.

The educator, as the facilitator, should quickly write down the words to know what types of questions to ask. The explanation of how this is to work will occur next. Tell learners that they are to look at the ceiling and remember where the words are so that when questions are asked, they will know where to direct their flashlight beam to find the correct answer. Learners can scan over the words. When learners are sure of the word, they are to keep their flashlight beam directly on this word so it can be checked for accuracy.

If all the learners understand the procedure, the lights are turned off, and the questions begin!

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