A Guide to Classroom and At-Home Accommodations for Dysnomia

Dysnomia is a learning disability that is marked by difficulty in recalling words, names, numbers, etc. from memory. The real problem stems from the fact that the words that they can not remember are essential, as they are needed for oral or written expressive language. The person may provide a detailed description of the word in question but is unable to recall its exact name. Dysnomia is often misdiagnosed as an expressive language disorder. If your child is exhibiting any of these symptoms, take them to see a neurologist as soon as you can.

Are you an educator or parent searching for accommodations to help students with dysnomia? Well, look no further. Here are some ways that you can make the learning process easier for students with dysnomia.

Classroom Accommodations: To succeed in the classroom, students with dysnomia need access to appropriate supports, including:

  • Provide a quiet space to work
  • In-school tutoring or homework assistance
  • Allow extra time on tests
  • Break exams and tests into shorter sessions
  • Reduce the number of students in a room to minimize distractions
  • Multiple choice or true/false questions on exams
  • Put students in situations where their particular skill or knowledge in a subject is highlighted
  • Build short-term memory by exploiting visual memory strengths
  • Play guessing games
  • Begin sentences to let the student finish them
  • Give visual clues when talking to the student
  • Alleviate frustration by avoiding finishing the student’s sentences for them

At Home Accommodations: Parents can support the work that is being done at school, by providing their children with the following at-home accommodations.

  • Point out math wherever you can
  • Provide a quiet place in the house for them to work
  • Play vocabulary and memory games
  • Play guessing games
  • Start sentences to let your child finish them
  • Give visual clues when speaking to your child
  • Work with your child on managing time
  • Help with homework
  • Be understanding
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