A Guide to Conflict Theory

Conflict theory examines how social groups interact and how they create and maintain power dynamics. It is a body of theory that focuses on how different groups interact. Conflict theory has many applications, including sociology, political science, psychology, and management.

One of the key tenets of conflict theory is that all social groups have interests that conflict with each other. This means that groups will often find themselves in conflict as they strive to pursue their interests while also trying to protect them.

Another key concept of conflict theory is power. Social groups will often have power over each other, meaning they can influence and control the behavior of other groups. Power can be used to advantage one group over another, or it can be used to protect the group’s interests.

Conflict theory is a powerful tool for understanding the dynamics of social groups. It can help us to understand how certain groups interact, how they create and maintain power, and how they can be used to advantage or disadvantage groups.

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