A Guide to Inference

Inference is the process of drawing conclusions about a situation or event based on what we know. Inference can be straightforward, such as inferring that because John is taller than Joe, he is more likely to be a basketball player, or more complex, such as inferring that because Jane was wearing a blue shirt and John was wearing a green shirt, the two were probably at the park together.

Inference is a critical skill for problem solving, as it helps us draw conclusions about what could have happened based on what we know. For example, if we are looking for someone who has disappeared, we might infer that they are probably somewhere in the area based on what we know about their behavior and the surrounding area.

Inference is also important for understanding the world around us. For example, we might infer that because there is a lot of noise coming from the street, there must be a party going on down the street. Inference is a vital part of our cognitive process, and without it we would find it difficult to understand and comprehend the world around us.

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