A New Definition of Rigor

Rigor, or the quality of a student’s work, can be defined as the result of challenging them to think in new and interesting ways. In many cases, this can lead to improved problem-solving skills and a better understanding of the material.

There are a few key aspects to rigor that should be considered when creating a curriculum for students. First, rigor should not simply be about providing more work to students. It should also challenge them to think in new ways and come up with new solutions.

Second, rigor should be pushed as far as possible. It’s important that students are not just expected to achieve high grades but they also learn from their mistakes. This can be done by providing various challenges that can test students’ problem-solving skills.

Finally, it’s important that teachers are sensitive to the needs of their students. They should provide various opportunities for students to work on, as well as provide feedback that is relevant to their skills. This will improve students’ work and come up with new and more innovative solutions.

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