A Novel Way to Teach Students to Identify Synonyms

This approach helps learners to think creatively and generate a wide range of ideas on a certain topic.

To do this approach, you will need a disposable plastic plate, as well as water-based markers.

To begin, place learners in heterogeneous groups (mixed ability groups).

Explain to the learners that you will announce a word. Amember of the group must write the word in the center of the plate.

Once the word is written in the center of the plate, tell the learners that they have 2 minutes to generate as many synonyms for this word as possible.

The caveat is, each learner is to write one word on the plate. The plate must be passed around as swiftly as possible. If a learner cannot think of a word, they can pass, but the plate is to be passed to them as soon as they think of a word.

Tell the learners that points will be earned for each word on the plate, but bonus points will be earned for those words not found on any other plate.

You can determine beforehand the point value for each word they write and the bonus words.

When the activity has been completed, just rinse off the plates and use them again.

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