A Short Guide On GRE Scores

Good GRE scores can help you get into the grad school of your preference, but many students are unsure of what a good GRE score is. The answer depends on the program you are choosing. 

This article will talk about GRE scores and their significance, and we will answer some of your frequently asked questions. 

What Is a Good GRE Score?

After you take the GRE test, you will get three GRE scores, including Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning, which is the math portion. You will get a score between 130 to 170 for Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. However, you will get a score from 0 to 6 for Analytical Writing. 

Currently, the average score for all test takers is 152 for math and 150 for verbal. Make sure you try to get a higher score than these averages to have a better chance of being admitted. 


Apart from the scaled score, you will also get a percentile rank. Compared to the scaled score, the percentile rank is more significant. It shows how you performed compared to other participants. For instance, if you get 53 percentile, you performed better than 53 percent of other participants. 

Frequently Asked Questions About GRE Scores

What Are Acceptable GRE Scores?

You need to have a target score in mind before the test so that you can prepare accordingly. Usually, schools provide a cutoff score, but if you don’t have one, you can look for tools that give an average score for last year’s incoming class. 

Do All Parts of GRE Scores Matter?

It depends on your desired program. Some programs give more weight to verbal scores, while some look at your math score. Make sure to put your utmost effort into the correct section. 

Are GRE Scores Required for Anything Else?

Some institutions consider GRE scores for scholarship consideration or course placement, so it is essential to ask this from your school. It is better to prepare accordingly. 

What Is the Importance of GRE Scores for Your Overall Application?

If your desired program is highly competitive in terms of admission, then GRE scores will be more critical. 

Can Taking Multiple Tests Improve Your Application?

Most students asked this question if they don’t score well on the first test. The answer to this question depends on the school. Some schools accept the highest score, which means the second test can be an improvement. 

At the same time, some schools give more weight to the first test, which means a second test won’t help you. 

Concluding Thoughts

GRE scores can be critical to get admitted to your desired program. Some programs give more weight to GRE scores than others, so it is essential to ask your school before taking the test to plan accordingly.

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