A Short Guide on LSAT Scores

Admission to law school requires an excellent LSAT score. Depending on your score, you may be eligible for assistance, such as scholarships. 

What is a good LSAT score, though? That is a hard question to answer. Depending on your desired college, you can find out what your target score should be. The average LSAT score is 152, and a perfect score is 180. 

This article will discuss LSAT scores, percentiles, your goals, and how to improve your score. 

Average LSAT Score

The range of LSAT scores is 120 to 180, and the average score is 152. To get the average score, you need to give the right answer to 60 out of roughly 100 questions. It is vital to get at least an average score to be admitted to reputable colleges. 


Percentiles compare your score with other participants who have tested in the past three years. If you score 152 on the test, you will be somewhere around the 50th percentile. This means that you scored better than 50% of applicants. 

Most people talk about LSAT scores, but law schools focus on the percentile. Usually, colleges accept or refuse applications based on percentile instead of the actual score because it gives a better overview of your capabilities compared to other test-takers.  

What Is the Right LSAT Score for You?

The right LSAT score is the one that can help you get admission to your favorite school. Depending on your targeted college, you may need to score average or above average to get admitted. 

Before you set a target, you must make a list of your desired colleges. Visit the school websites or use other resources to find the average LSAT score of previous or current students. This will help you determine the average LSAT and allow you to set a realistic goal. 

How to Get Your Desired Score

Once you have a goal in mind, it is time to start practicing. Use free online practice tests to check your score and see how prepared you are. Then, you can work on your weaknesses and improve your score. Good preparation can improve the outcome significantly. 

Concluding Thoughts

Most law colleges give significant weight to LSAT scores. A score below their requirements will decrease your chances of admission

If you have practiced and couldn’t score high enough for your target college, you may need to reassess your goal and look for colleges that require lower LSAT scores. 

Remember that other factors help you get admitted to a college or university. Your application and previous grades are essential, as well. Some colleges also give importance to your CV. Be sure to consider all the factors before applying to the college.

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