A Short Guide on SAT Scores

SAT scores are essential for getting admitted to the school of your choice. Schools consider the test as a benchmark to assess your application. When it comes to the SAT, the minimum score is 400, and a perfect score is 1600. In 2018, the average score was 1068. 

If you are taking the test, you probably want to know what a good score is. The answer to this question depends on your desired college. We will try to help you understand how to get the correct score for your desired school

Setting a Target Score

The SAT is a difficult test, and you shouldn’t try to take it without any preparation. At a minimum, the test takes about three hours with no break. The reading portion alone takes about 65 minutes of continuous focus. 

It is important to set a target score and sharpen your skills before taking the test. An online practice test will give you a better idea of how much practice you need before taking the exam. 

Compare Your Score with the National Average

If your practice test score is close to the national average, you are more likely to be admitted to an array of institutions. Naturally, a higher SAT score increases the chances of admission. Most importantly, a high score can save you a lot of money, as you can get better scholarships based on higher scores. 

If your score is below average, you may need to practice more. Although you can still be admitted by writing an excellent college application, you may need to take readiness courses before you can attend. 

Compare Your Score with the Average Score at Your Desired School

Comparing your scores with the national average might not be as important as comparing yourself to your target school’s average SAT score. Some schools have a higher average than others. 

Before taking the exam, you must know the average score of your target school, and various online tools can help you find this average score. You can also check the school’s websites to find the previous scores or someone you can contact to find out. 

If your practice test score falls within the school’s average range, you should be able to get admission. However, if you score lower than average, you may need to look for other school options. 

Concluding Thoughts

The good news is that you can always improve your SAT score, unless you have a perfect score, of course. SAT scores are important for admission purposes, and an excellent SAT score can help you get a good scholarship to your desired school. 

It is important to note that colleges consider many other factors when it comes to admission. If you have scored well on your SAT, your chances are high, but you will have to focus on other things, as well.

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