A Teaching Strategy That Increases Student’s Critical Thing Skills

Many adult learners have never learned critical thinking skills or have not practiced these skills enough to be proficient in them.

For this approach, the learners are given a set of incidents or stories (written in parts or with their end undisclosed).

Learners are asked to explain the logical connection between the events of the story and think of ways to expand it.

They are asked to suggest a title and a sign-off line for the passage and add to it their own content.

This approach requires the learners to think logically and reason every possible occurrence connecting with the story. The learners can be asked to extend the story by adding characters and incidents to it.

This approach is thought-provoking as the open-ended story can be ended in various ways. Each one may have their way of extending the story and finishing it. To better exercise thinking, have each learner develop more than one way of extending the story.

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