Activities to Teach Students About Counting Review – Up to 10

Counting is an essential skill that every student must master, as it serves as the foundation for advanced mathematical concepts. Therefore, it is crucial for teachers to introduce students to counting review activities that can help them hone their counting skills up to 10. Here are some fun and engaging activities to teach students about counting review up to 10.

Counting with Manipulatives

Manipulatives are mathematical tools that students can use to understand and visualize mathematical concepts. Counting with manipulatives is an excellent technique for teaching children to count up to 10. Use objects like blocks, plastic animals, or counters, and ask students to count the number of manipulative in the group.

You can also use manipulatives to teach students about addition and subtraction. For example, ask students to count ten counters, then remove three counters and ask them to count the remaining seven.

Drawing and Coloring Numbers

Drawing and coloring numbers is an engaging activity that can help students recognize and memorize the numbers from 1-10. Give students some white paper and crayons or pencils, then instruct them to draw and color the numbers from 1-10.

While students are coloring the numbers, you can ask them to count the numbers as they go, reinforcing their counting skills.

Number Hunt and Match

Number hunt and match is a fun activity that challenges students to identify and match up numbers to the corresponding number of objects. For example, give students pictures of objects like apples, dogs, or cars, and then ask them to count the number of items in each picture.

Then, write numbers one to ten on different sheets of paper, and ask students to match the number to the corresponding picture. This helps students understand the relationship between numbers and the number of objects they represent.

Counting Games

Counting games are an excellent way to make learning fun and engaging. Games like “I Spy” and “Hide and Seek” can be modified to focus on counting review. For example, in “I Spy,” students take turns choosing an object and asking classmates to guess the number of items in the group.

In “Hide and Seek,” hide a certain number of objects around the room and ask students to find and count them. The student with the correct number of items found wins.


Teaching counting review up to 10 is essential for building solid mathematical foundations in students. By introducing fun and engaging activities like counting with manipulatives, drawing and coloring numbers, number hunt and match, and counting games, teachers can make learning interesting, effective and enjoyable for students. Use these fun activities to help your students master the essential counting skills necessary for future mathematical success.

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