Activities to Teach Students About Helen Keller

Helen Keller is an inspiration to millions of people around the world. She is a reminder of the incredible power of perseverance, self-discovery and the importance of education for all students.

For students, learning about Helen Keller can be both inspiring and educational, providing them with a unique opportunity to understand more about the life of a legend who defied the odds and went on to achieve incredible accomplishments despite facing physical and emotional barriers.

Here are some activities to help teach your students about Helen Keller:

1. Read Her Autobiography:

One of the best ways to introduce your students to Helen Keller is to have them read her autobiography “The Story of my Life.” This beautiful and heart-rendering book details the incredible journey of how Helen overcame her challenges to become one of the most well-known and respected figures in history.

2. Watch a Documentary or Movie:

Another way to introduce your students to the life of Helen Keller is by watching a documentary or movie about her. This can be a fantastic method to bring her story to life, giving your students a glimpse into her experiences, struggles, and successes. Several movies and documentaries about Helen Keller are available online, and some of the most popular include “The Miracle Worker” and “Helen Keller in Her Story.”

3. Play a Game of Charades:

Playing a game of charades is an enjoyable way to teach your students about Helen Keller’s life and achievements. Divide your class into teams and have one member from each team act out a famous moment in Keller’s life. The team that guesses the most moments wins. This game not only helps your students understand Helen’s story better but is also an entertaining way to learn, collaborate and bond with classmates.

4. Create Vision-and-Hearing-Impaired Simulation:

Helen Keller was both deaf and blind, and her life was full of challenges. Help your students truly experience what it is like for a person like Keller by having them participate in a vision-and-hearing-impaired simulation. This can include using headphones and earplugs to simulate deafness and wearing a blindfold to simulate blindness. It’s a deep experience to let students realise the challenges Keller had to face daily that we often take for granted.

5. Discuss her Role in Women’s Rights and Civil Rights:

Finally, discuss Helen Keller’s role in women’s rights and civil rights movements. Discuss how her life and achievements paved the way for future generations of women and minorities to fight for equality. Teach your students about the value of mutual respect, acceptance and standing up for what is right, reminding them that they can make a difference by following Keller’s lead.

Conclusively, teaching students about Helen Keller’s inspiring life and achievements is a great way to reinforce positive values and motivate them to overcome challenges. These activities not only provide an opportunity for inspiration but also offer a chance for meaningful learning and lasting personal growth for the students, as well.

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