Activities to Teach Students About Perimeters of Similar Figures

Perimeters are an important aspect of geometry and are applicable in real-life scenarios like construction, fencing, and measurements of properties. A perimeter refers to the total distance around a two-dimensional shape.

Teaching students about the perimeters of similar figures can be a challenging task for any math teacher. However, with some practical activities and a little bit of creativity, students can easily understand this concept. There are various activities that teachers can use to teach this topic effectively. Below are some of the best activities to teach students about perimeters of similar figures:

1. Paper Cutting Activity

In this activity, provide students with different types of papers such as construction paper, origami paper, notebook paper, etc. Ask them to cut squares, rectangles, and triangles from the paper, ensuring that each shape cut has an equal area. Have them measure the perimeter of each shape using a ruler or a measuring tape. Once the perimeter of each shape is obtained, ask the students to compare the perimeters of the shapes of similar sizes. This will help students realize the relationship between similar shapes and their perimeters.

2. Outdoor Exploration

Provide students with measuring tapes or rulers and ask them to go outside and look for similar objects like trees, rocks, or benches. Have the students measure the perimeter of these objects and compare them. This activity helps students understand the concept of similar shapes in real-life situations.

3. Computer-Based activity

Using computer software such as Geogebra, teachers can create shapes and ask students to measure their perimeters. As they adjust the dimensions of their shapes, students can observe how the perimeters change, and how similar shapes have the same ratio of perimeters.

4. Building blocks and Legos

Provide students with building blocks and Legos of multiple sizes and shapes, and ask them to build similar structures. Ask the students to measure the perimeters of each structure and note the differences. This activity helps students understand the relationship between clearly defined shapes and their perimeters.

5. Art Project

Give students examples of famous artwork that involves similar shapes. Ask the students to recreate a piece of artwork that includes similar shapes, by cutting out shapes on colored paper, and calculating the total perimeter of the shapes used in the artwork.


Learning about the perimeters of similar shapes requires an understanding of the concepts, as well as the ability to apply those concepts in real-life scenarios. By providing engaging activities, math teachers can help students understand and conceptualize this topic, creating a deeper understanding of geometrical concepts in the process. Each of the activities mentioned above can help provide students with a different perspective on the topic of perimeters of similar figures and create an interactive and engaging learning environment for them.

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