Activities to Teach Students About Prepositions (Review)

Prepositions are an important part of grammar that students need to master in order to improve their writing and communication skills. Prepositions are words that show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence. Some common prepositions include in, on, at, under, over, beside, by, between, among, and through.

Teaching prepositions can be a challenge, but there are many fun activities that teachers can use to engage their students and make learning prepositions more enjoyable. In this article, we will review some of the most effective activities for teaching prepositions.

1. Preposition Charades:
This game works best with younger students, but it can be adapted for any age group. The teacher writes various prepositions on index cards and puts them in a hat. A student draws a card and acts out the preposition while the other students try to guess which preposition it is. For example, if the card says “under,” the student might crawl under a chair or table.

2. Preposition Scavenger Hunt:
This activity requires students to identify prepositions in the classroom or school environment. The teacher provides a list of prepositions and asks students to find objects that fit each description. For example, “Find something that is on the desk” or “Find something that is behind the door.” This activity encourages students to view their surroundings from different angles and reinforces their understanding of prepositions.

3. Preposition Picture Book:
This activity is designed for younger students. The teacher creates a picture book that illustrates different prepositions. Each page features a different preposition and an accompanying picture. For example, the page for “in” might show a book on a shelf or a pencil in a pencil holder. The teacher reads the book to the class, stopping at each page to discuss the preposition and its use in a sentence.

4. Preposition Bingo:
This game can be played with any age group. The teacher creates bingo cards with different prepositions on each square. The teacher calls out prepositions one at a time and students mark the corresponding square on their bingo card if they have it. The first student to get five in a row wins.

5. Preposition Relay Race:
This activity requires students to work in teams. The teacher sets up a relay race course, with various objects and prepositions marked along the way. Each team takes turns running the course, stopping at each object to identify the correct preposition. For example, if a cone is marked with “under,” the student must say “The cone is under the chair” before running to the next object.

These activities are just a few examples of the many fun and effective ways to teach prepositions. By making preposition lessons interactive and engaging, teachers can help their students develop a strong understanding of prepositions and improve their overall writing and communication skills.

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