Activities to Teach Students About Similar Figures and Indirect Measurement

Geometry is an essential subject for students to excel in mathematics. One of the main topics that students will learn in geometry is Similar Figures and Indirect Measurement. Similar Figures refer to figures that are of the same shape and have proportional sides. Indirect Measurement explains how to find measurements in a figure without measuring it directly. Educators must introduce fun activities to teach students about Similar Figures and Indirect Measurement to engage them in the subject.

Using Shadow

One of the most straightforward, practical activities for teaching Similar Figures and Indirect Measurement is using shadows. In this activity, students will measure the length of the shadow of an object, as well as the height of the object. With this information, they can use the proportion formula to determine the height of an object. You can use various objects such as a tree, a flagpole, or even a friend’s height to practice this technique.

Finding Similar Figures in Architecture

Architecture is the perfect example to teach Similar Figures. Students can find buildings or monuments in their neighborhoods or in their towns and examine the building’s shape and size. They can use a ruler and measure particular locations’ distance on the building to understand the viewpoints of Similar Figures. This activity helps students discover Similar Figures in the real world.

Scale Drawing Project

In this activity, students create a scale drawing of a room or a building, demonstrating the proper measurements. The activity will challenge students to work on their scale drawing skills. Students will need to find the proper scale of the building and then use indirect measurement to create a scale drawing of the structure. This activity helps students improve their problem-solving skills.

Learning Through Technology

Students can learn about Similar Figures and Indirect Measurement through online tools. Teachers can use various online simulations to teach students about Similar Figures, including interactive OpenGL applets and various software that can measure different structures. By providing students with technology-based lessons, they learn better and smarter.

Testing Indirect Measurement with Cars

In this activity, students measure the car’s shadow length and compare it to its height to discover the car’s height. This activity is both fun and practical as it helps students understand Indirect Measurement in motion. You can even use different cars of different heights to challenge the students.


Teaching Similar Figures and Indirect Measurement can be challenging for educators. However, with the right activities and tools, students can quickly grasp the concept and understand how to use them in everyday situations. By using tools such as shadows, architecture, scale drawings, technology-based lessons, and testing Indirect Measurement with cars, students will enjoy their classes and learn more. As educators, it is crucial to engage the students through various activities to create a fun and exciting environment for learning.

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