Activities to Teach Students About Writing Numbers in Words – Convert Digits to Words

In many cases, we might take writing numbers in words for granted. However, it’s an essential skill to teach students, particularly at the primary level. Learning this skill doesn’t have to be dull or tedious. There are exciting ways to introduce and teach students how to convert digits to words. Here are some engaging activities to teach students about writing numbers in words.

1. Roll the dice

Rolling dice is an activity that can be transformed into a writing numbers in words activity. Label six dice with numbers zero to five. Students roll the six dice and create a number using each of the digits that appear. They must then write that number in words. For instance, if the students roll 3, 0, 4, 1, 2, and 5, the number is 304125, which they must then write in words.

2. Number names memory game

A fun way to teach students the number names is by creating a number names memory game. Create pairs of cards with digits on one card and their corresponding number names on the other. For example, the digits 2 and 23 correspond to “two” and “twenty-three” , respectively. Students need to match each digit with the correct number name.

3. Word search

Create a word search puzzle with various numbers in digit form. Once students find a number, they must write it in words. This activity is an excellent way to help students memorize the number names while making the task of converting digits more fun and engaging.

4. Number notation scavenger hunt

Number notation scavenger hunt is an activity that can be done both inside and outside the classroom. Create a list of ten numbers, and students must find the digit notation for each number on posters, books, and other materials in the classroom or outside the classroom. Students then convert these digits into words.

5. Hidden numbers

This activity requires only a pen and paper. Write down a list of ten numbers in digit form, and each number must be written on a separate piece of paper. Hide each number in the classroom. Once students find a number, they must race back to their desks and write the number in words. The fun in this activity lies in the students’ race and the suspense of finding the hidden numbers.


Learning to write numbers in words is crucial to a student’s success in Mathematics and in everyday life. Activities such as rolling dice, memory games, and scavenger hunts provide opportunities for teachers to make this process more enjoyable for students. As children progress through the primary grades, it is essential to maintain their interest and motivation for Mathematics, and one way to achieve this is to make learning fun.

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