Activities to Teach Students Fractions (Review)

Fractions are an essential concept in mathematics. However, it is not always easy for students to grasp it, especially when they are introduced to fractions for the first time. As a teacher, it is crucial to find fun and engaging ways to teach fractions to your students. In this article, we will be reviewing activities that will help you teach fractions effectively.

1. Fraction Match-Up

This activity involves matching different representations of fractions. For instance, students match a fraction with a visual representation or a fraction with an equivalent fraction. You can make the game more challenging by adding mixed numbers and improper fractions.

2. Fraction War

Fraction war is a fun and exciting game that students will enjoy playing. The game involves each student having a set of cards with fractions on them. They take turns calling out the fractions, and the player with the highest fraction wins.

3. Fraction Bingo

Bingo is a fun game that students love. In this game, instead of using numbers, use fractions. You can also make it more challenging by incorporating mixed numbers and improper fractions.

4. Fraction Circle

Fraction circles are a great way to teach students about fractions. You can use paper plates or draw circles on paper to create fraction circles. Then, cut them into pieces to represent different fractions. Students can use the pieces to compare and order fractions.

5. Fraction Wall

Fraction walls are a visual way to teach students about fractions. Draw a long rectangle on a whiteboard or paper and divide it into equal sections. Label each section with a fraction, and students can use it to compare and order fractions.

6. Fraction Doodles

Fraction doodles are an engaging way for students to practice representing fractions. Provide students with a set of shapes and colors, and ask them to represent different fractions using the shapes and colors.


Teaching fractions can be challenging, but with these activities, you can make it fun and engaging for your students. Remember to use a variety of activities to help your students understand and retain the concept of fractions.

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