Activities to Teach Students Number Patterns: Mixed Review

As a math teacher, one of the most important concepts for students to understand is number patterns. Understanding number patterns helps students solve problems more easily and efficiently, and it also sets the groundwork for more advanced mathematical concepts. However, teaching number patterns can often be challenging, especially when trying to keep lessons engaging and interactive. Mixing up different activities is a great way to keep students engaged while they learn.

Here are some mixed review activities that can help teach students number patterns:

1. Pattern Puzzles:

Print out pattern puzzles and give each student a set. Make sure to have various levels and difficulties so that students can challenge themselves. The puzzles can include numerical, geometric, or complex patterns. To make it more fun you can also set up races where the students who decode the pattern the fastest, wins!

2. ABC Patterns:

Write a series of letters on the board. As a class, create patterns using the letters. Change the type of pattern (zigzag, diagonal, etc.) and challenge students to continue the pattern. This is a great way to introduce the idea of patterns while building language and communication skills.

3. Pattern Bingo:

Create a bingo card with a variety of patterns. Give each student a copy of the same card and play like regular bingo. Use different variations of patterns such as skip counting, adding and subtracting, and multiplication tables.

4. Number Pattern Race:

Divide the class into teams and create a relay race with numbers. Each group member completes a pattern and passes the baton to the next person. This activity offers a great way to get students moving and cooperating with each other.

5. Pattern Snacks:

Use foods to create various patterns. Students can use pretzel sticks to create numerical patterns or fruit and vegetable slices to make a color pattern and thereby learn about patterns and healthy eating!

6. Design Patterns:

Have the students design a pattern by creating a picture or color scheme. Afterward, challenge peers to decipher the pattern. Get creative and give bonus points for the most challenging patterns.

7. Music Patterns:

Play songs for the students and challenge them to identify repeating patterns in the music. Students can clap along to the beat for added engagement.

Number patterns can be a bit dull and dry, but these mixed review activities can make them super-fun and memorable. Incorporating these activities into your math lessons can help your students gain a solid understanding of number patterns while keeping them interested and engaged.


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