Activities to Teach Students the Percent of Change

As a teacher, one of your goals is to help students understand difficult concepts, such as the percent of change. This concept involves understanding the difference between two values and expressing it as a percentage of the initial value. This can be particularly challenging for students who struggle with math.

Fortunately, there are many activities you can use to help your students learn the percent of change.

1. Shopping Practice

One way to teach the concept of the percent of change is to use a shopping scenario. Assign your students different items (prices, discounts, and taxes) to buy, and have them calculate the final price of each item. This practice helps students to understand how to calculate the percent change using different scenarios.

2. Real-World Percentages

Another approach is to use real-world applications to teach the concept of the percent of change. For example, you can ask students to calculate the amount of money they would save if they bought a discount item, or the amount of money they would lose if they were to sell a stock at a loss.

3. Using Visuals

Visual aids, such as graphs and charts, can help students better understand the concept of the percent of change. Have students graph changes in air pollution levels over time, or compare the prices of different types of food at the grocery store.

4. Group Work

Group work is a great way to teach the percent of change. Assign students to work in pairs or small groups and give them a problem to solve. They can work together to calculate the percent change and discuss their methods with the rest of the class.

5. Computer-Based Learning

Finally, computer-based learning can be a great way to teach the percent of change. There are many online resources and interactive games available that help students learn how to calculate percentages. These activities can be fun and engaging for students and help them to solidify their understanding of the concept.

In conclusion, teaching the percent of change can be a challenge, but by using a variety of teaching strategies, you can help your students understand and master this important concept. Remember to use real-world applications, visuals, group work, and computer-based learning to help your students succeed.

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