Activities to Teach Students the Percents of Numbers and Money Amounts

As a teacher, it can be challenging to find engaging and effective ways to teach students the concept of percents. However, it’s crucial to help students understand this concept as it comes up frequently when dealing with money amounts and financial literacy.

Here are some activities that can be used to teach students the percents of numbers and money amounts:

1. Percent Pizza:

Start by creating a blank circle and divide it into 100 equally sized sections. Then, instruct students to shade in a certain percentage of the pizza, i.e., 25%, 50%, or 75%. As they shade each slice, have them practice saying the corresponding fraction and decimal form of the percentage.

2. Percent Word Problems:

Provide students with a series of word problems that involve percents, such as finding what percentage of a given numbers is another number or calculating discounts or markups on retail prices. Have students work in pairs or groups to solve the problems and then share their solutions with the class.

3. Real-Life Applications:

Use real-life scenarios to help students understand the practical applications of percents. For example, give students a budget of $100 to spend and have them divide it up into percentages for different categories, such as groceries, entertainment, and savings. Another example could be to provide students with a list of items to purchase and then have them calculate the percentage of tax that would be added to the total amount.

4. Interactive Websites:

There are several interactive websites available that offer fun and engaging activities to help teach percentages. One such website is Math Playground, which has several games aimed at teaching percentages, including “Ratio Stadium” and “Grand Prix Pro”.

5. Math Races:

Divide the class into groups and provide each group with a set of math problems that involve percents. Have each student in the group take a turn solving a problem, then pass it to the next person. The group that completes all the problems in the shortest amount of time wins.

In conclusion, these activities provide a range of ways to teach students the concept of percents and effectively apply it to real-life scenarios. Incorporating interactive and engaging activities into the classroom can help students better understand this often-challenging topic. By making it fun and practical, teachers can help their students become more confident in using percents.


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