Activities to Teach Students the Perimeter of Quadrilaterals

Teaching geometry to students can sometimes feel like a daunting task. However, with the right activities and resources, it can be both engaging and enjoyable. One topic that often arises in geometry is the perimeter of quadrilaterals. Here are a few activities to teach the perimeter of quadrilaterals to your students.

1. Outdoor Activity: Create a Quadrilateral Scavenger Hunt

Taking students on a scavenger hunt can be an exciting way to teach them about quadrilaterals and their perimeter. Begin by dividing students into groups and providing them with a list of quadrilaterals to find around your school grounds or local community. Each group should be given a measuring tape or ruler so they can measure the perimeter of each quadrilateral they find. At the end of the activity, have students come together and compare the perimeter of each quadrilateral they found.

2. Interactive Whiteboard Activity: Perimeter Matching Game

If your classroom has an interactive whiteboard, you can use it to teach your students about the perimeter of quadrilaterals. Create a series of quadrilaterals in different sizes and shapes, and on a separate screen, have the corresponding perimeter values. Students can drag and drop the perimeter value to the correct quadrilateral to complete the game. This activity helps students learn to associate a shape with its corresponding perimeter.

3. Classroom Activity: Building Perimeter Challenge

This activity will require students to collaborate with their classmates to construct quadrilaterals with different perimeters. Begin by dividing students into groups and providing each group with a set of straws, tape, and scissors. Each group should then work together to construct quadrilaterals with specific perimeter values. By measuring and adjusting the lengths of their straws, students can create quadrilaterals with varying perimeters. This activity encourages teamwork and hands-on learning.

4. Classroom Activity: The Perimeter of My Desk

This activity is a fun way to teach students about perimeter while also incorporating personal space. Have each student measure their desk’s perimeter and write the measurement down. Then, have each student compare their perimeter measurement with their classmates, and create a class graph to analyze the results. This activity enables students to see that quadrilaterals can come in different sizes and shapes, but they still have a perimeter.

In conclusion, teaching the perimeter of quadrilaterals can be enjoyable and engaging for students with the right activities and resources. By using outdoor activities, interactive whiteboard activities, and classroom activities, you can teach your students about the importance of perimeter and how to calculate it.

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