Activities to Teach Students to About the Properties of Quadrilaterals (Review)

Quadrilaterals are an important concept in geometry and are taught to students starting from middle school onwards. Quadrilaterals are types of polygons that have four sides, and they are classified based on their properties and angles. There are several activities you can use to teach students about the properties of quadrilaterals. In this article, we will review some of these activities.

1. Sorting Activity – One of the best ways to teach students about quadrilaterals is by having them sort different shapes into categories. For example, you can give students a set of quadrilaterals and have them sort them into categories based on their properties such as sides, angles, and diagonals. This activity helps students to develop a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences between different types of quadrilaterals.

2. Building Activity – Another great activity to teach students about quadrilaterals is by having them build different types of quadrilaterals using materials such as straws, toothpicks, and paper. This hands-on activity helps students to understand how the properties of quadrilaterals such as their angles and sides affect the overall shape of the quadrilateral.

3. Mystery Quadrilateral Activity – This is an engaging and interactive activity that will grab the attention of your students. In this activity, you give students clues about a mystery quadrilateral and they have to use deductive reasoning to identify the type of quadrilateral. For instance, you might give clues such as “I have four sides, two sets of parallel sides, and diagonals that bisect each other.” Students can then deduce that the mystery quadrilateral is a rhombus.

4. Quadrilateral Scavenger Hunt – This is another fun activity to teach students about quadrilaterals. In this activity, you create a scavenger hunt where students need to find items that form different types of quadrilaterals such as streets signs, buildings, or other objects. This activity is not only engaging but also helps students to identify and recognize quadrilaterals in real-life scenarios.

5. Interactive Games – Lastly, students can learn about quadrilaterals by playing interactive games that reinforce their understanding of the properties of quadrilaterals. There are many online games that can be used to teach students about quadrilaterals such as Quadrilateral Quest, Quadrilateral Match, and Quadrilateral Cover Up.

In conclusion, teaching students about the properties of quadrilaterals can be made engaging and interactive using different activities. Each of the activities mentioned above aims to help students understand the properties of quadrilaterals. You can choose the activities that best suit the skill level and interests of your students. These fun activities will help students to retain information better and keep them working hard towards greater understanding of the properties of quadrilaterals.

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