Activities to Teach Students to Compare Fractions Using Models

When it comes to learning mathematics, fractions can be a daunting topic for many students. One of the biggest challenges in teaching fractions is helping students understand how to compare fractions. Fortunately, using models is a great way to help students develop a better understanding of this important skill. In this article, we will look at some activities that teachers can use to teach students to compare fractions using models.

Activity 1: The Fraction Wall

The fraction wall is a great visual aid that can help students see the relationships between different fractions. To create a fraction wall, write the fractions 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, and 1/10 on strips of paper. Cut out rectangles of different lengths to represent each fraction. Then, arrange the rectangles on the wall in the appropriate order. This activity is a great introduction to comparing fractions, as it allows students to see how different fractions relate to one another.

Activity 2: Fraction Bars

Fraction bars are an excellent resource for comparing fractions. Fraction bars are like fraction circles, only instead of drawing a circle and dividing it into equal parts, you draw a rectangle and divide it into equal parts. To use fraction bars, ask students to draw two different bars representing two different fractions. Then, ask them to compare the bars to determine which fraction is larger. This activity is great because it allows students to visualize the fractions and see how they compare in size.

Activity 3: Fraction Dominoes

Fraction dominoes are a fun way to help students practice comparing fractions. To make fraction dominoes, write different fractions on dominoes. Then, ask students to match the dominoes by comparing the fractions. This game is a great way to promote healthy competition in the classroom and helps students develop a better understanding of how to compare fractions.

Activity 4: Fraction War

Fraction war is a fun game that is similar to playing the card game ‘War.’ In this game, students compare fractions by playing cards. Students are given a set of cards with different fractions. They then compare the fractions on their cards and determine the winner. This activity is great because it helps students develop their critical thinking skills and promotes healthy competition.


Teaching students to compare fractions using models is an important part of their mathematics education. By using visual aids such as fraction walls, fraction bars, fraction dominoes, and fraction war, teachers can help students develop a better understanding of how to compare fractions. These activities are not only educational, but also fun, engaging, and promote healthy competition in the classroom. With the right tools and resources, any student can develop a strong understanding of fractions and excel in math.  

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