Activities to Teach Students to Compare Percents to Each Other and About Fractions

Teaching students about fractions and percents can be a challenging task. However, it is an essential concept to master, as it is used in everyday life. Therefore, teachers should focus on designing activities that will help students understand the relationship between percentages and fractions. This article will discuss some activities that teachers can use to teach students to compare percents to each other and about fractions.

Fraction and Percent Matching

This activity requires the students to match fractions to their equivalent percentages. Teachers can create a set of cards that have a fraction on one side and a percentage on another side. The students have to match the fraction to its corresponding percentage. The activity can be differentiated by using fractions and percentages of varying levels of difficulty. This activity enables students to learn how to identify the relationship between fractions and percentages.

Percent Puzzle

The percent puzzle activity is another fun and engaging way to teach students to compare percentages. In this activity, teachers can print out a set of percentage puzzles and cut them up into pieces. The students have to match the puzzle pieces to recreate the correct percentage. This activity helps students to learn how to calculate percentages and compare them to each other.

Fraction and Percent Conversion

In this activity, students have to convert fractions to percentages and vice versa. The teacher can assign a set of fractions and percentages that the students have to convert. For example, the teacher could give the students the fraction 6/10 and ask them to convert it to a percentage. The students have to work out the percentage, which is 60%. This activity helps students to learn how to compare fractions and percentages.

Fraction and Percent Dominoes

In this activity, the students have to match the dominoes that have a fraction and a percentage on them. The teacher can give each student a set of dominoes that they have to match, or students can play in small groups. By playing this activity, students will learn how to convert between fractions and percentages and how to compare them.


Teaching students to compare and understand percentages and fractions is essential for their everyday life. The activities mentioned in this article can help teachers teach their students the relationship between percentages and fractions. By using fun and engaging activities, teachers can make the learning process enjoyable for their students, and they will be able to master this important concept. 

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