Activities to Teach Students to Complete a Function Table From a Graph

Function tables are one of the most important aspects of math that students learn in middle or high school. Essentially, a function table is a set of numbers that follow a pattern or rule. This pattern is then expressed in a graph, and students must be able to use the graph to complete the function table. This is an important skill that will be useful in future math classes, particularly in calculus and statistics.

If you are a teacher looking for engaging ways to teach your students how to complete a function table from a graph, then you have found the right article. Here, we will outline several activities that you can use in your classroom to make this skill fun and meaningful for your students.

Before we get started with the activities, here are a few tips that will make completing function tables from graphs easier for your students.

1. Teach them how to read a graph:

Before students can complete a function table from a graph, they need to know what the graph is telling them. Teach them about the x and y axes, the coordinate grid, and how to read the numbers on the axis.

2. Emphasize the importance of patterns:

Function tables are all about finding patterns in numbers. Encourage your students to look for patterns when completing a table.

3. Connect it to real-world examples:

Help your students see how function tables are used in the real world. For example, show them examples of graphs that represent the stock market or weather patterns.

Now, onto the activities.

1. Mystery function:

This activity is a fun way to engage your students and help them see the importance of patterns. Start by creating a function table with missing numbers. Then, ask your students to complete the table using a graph that you provide. However, don’t tell them what the function rule is. Instead, ask them to try to figure it out by looking for patterns. Once they’ve completed the table, have them share their answers with the class and see if anyone can guess what the function rule is.

2. Create your own graph:

This activity is great for visual learners who like to create things. Start by providing your students with a blank grid for a graph. Then, ask them to create their own graph by choosing different points and labeling the x and y values. Once they’ve created their graph, ask them to complete a function table using the graph.

3. Treasure hunt:

This activity is a fun way to get your students moving while learning about function tables. Create several function tables, each representing a different point on a treasure map. Then, provide your students with a graph and ask them to complete each function table. Once they’ve completed all the function tables, they can use the answers to find the treasure.

4. Interactive notebooks:

Interactive notebooks are a great way to engage your students and help them synthesize information. Create a page in your students’ interactive notebooks that asks them to complete a function table from a given graph. Then, provide them with different examples of graphs that they can use to complete the table.

5. Online games:

Finally, if your students are particularly tech-savvy, then you may want to consider using online games to teach them about function tables. There are many free online games that allow students to practice completing function tables from graphs, such as “Function Table Game” by Math Playground.

In conclusion, completing function tables from graphs is an important skill that students must learn in math class. However, this skill doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. By using these fun and engaging activities, you can help your students see the importance of patterns, make connections to the real world, and learn this valuable skill in a way that is memorable and meaningful. 

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