Activities to Teach Students to Complete the Addition Sentence – Sums Up to 10

Addition is one of the basic mathematical concepts that students learn in the early years of their education. When students can solve additions, they can easily solve more complex mathematical problems. However, mastering addition can be challenging for many students. If you’re looking for activities to help your students become confident in completing an addition sentence up to 10, then here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your instruction.

1. Counting Fingers Activity

The counting fingers activity is an interactive and fun way for students to learn and practice addition. Have your students sit in a circle and give them a number to start with, such as 6. Then, they will raise the corresponding number of fingers on one hand, and you can ask them to add a certain number of fingers to that hand. For example, if you add 3 fingers to 6, they can count to ten and say the answer out loud. Repeat the activity by giving students different starting numbers and different add-ons to help them practice addition more.

2. Number Line Activity

A number line is a tool that can help students understand mathematical concepts such as addition. A simple way to use a number line to teach addition is to draw a line on a whiteboard or chart. Then, ask your students to place a toy or marker on the starting number, such as 4, then help them understand that you need to add 6 to that number. Then, you can guide them to jump or hop from one number to another across the line to reach 10. Repeat the activity with different starting numbers and sums to help reinforce the concept.

3. Dice Game

A fun and quick way to practice addition is to play a dice game. Give each group a pair of dice, and then have them roll the dice and add the numbers together. For example, if they roll a 5 and 2, they can say, “5 plus 2 equals 7.” Then, have them place a marker or token on the corresponding number on a game board or worksheet. The first player or group to reach 10 wins the game. This game can be modified to reach higher numbers for more of a challenge.

4. Balloon Addition

Kids love balloons, and this activity is sure to capture their attention. Blow up balloons and have them write a number from 1 to 5 on each balloon. Then, have them start with a certain balloon, for example, one with the number “3.” They must then find another balloon that, when added, will equal ten. If they find one with the number “7,” they can say, “3 plus 7 equals 10.” You can ask each group to try to find as many combinations as possible to reach 10.

5. Addition Worksheets

Worksheets are a classic activity that can help students practice addition. You can find many worksheets online that offer different levels of difficulty, such as addition with pictures or missing numbers. Provide a worksheet that works on sums up to 10, and let the students work independently or in groups to complete it.


Teaching addition is essential to students’ math mastery. These activities provide interactive and fun ways to help students develop their addition skills. Using these techniques, students can confidently complete addition sentences up to 10 and prepare for more complex mathematical challenges in the future.   

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