Activities to Teach Students to Complete the Division Sentence: 2-Digit Divisors

As a teacher, it’s essential to ensure that students are learning mathematics skills that will help them develop strong foundations in numeracy. One of these skills is completing the division sentence, particularly when working with 2-digit divisors. Here are some activities that teachers can use to teach their students how to complete division sentences using 2-digit divisors.

1. Division War

Division War is a fun way for students to practice their division skills. Divide the class into pairs, and give them a deck of cards each. Each player turns over two cards and multiplies them together, then divides the result by a 2-digit number chosen by the teacher. The player with the highest answer wins that round. Students can keep a tally of their wins, and the player with the most wins at the end of the game is the winner.

2. Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Interactive whiteboards provide excellent opportunities for teachers to present visual aids that can help students grasp mathematical concepts better. Teachers can create interactive whiteboard activities that allow students to practice completing division sentences. For instance, students can drag and drop numbers to complete an equation or answer questions based on visual cues presented on the whiteboard.

3. Long Division Worksheets

Long division worksheets are an excellent way for students to practice completing division sentences using 2-digit divisors. These worksheets can be used as homework assignments or in-class activities to reinforce learning. Teachers can challenge students by having them complete word problems using their long division skills.

4. Digital Games

Games are an excellent way to make learning fun and interactive. There are many digital games available that can help students practice completing division sentences using 2-digit divisors. For example, the game ‘Division Derby’ requires students to correctly answer division sentences to make their horse move down the track.

5. Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is a useful teaching method where students get to learn from their peers who have already mastered a skill. Teachers can pair students up, and the more advanced student can help their partner learn how to complete division sentences using 2-digit divisors. This approach creates a relaxed learning environment where students are motivated to learn from each other.

In conclusion, teaching students to complete division sentences using 2-digit divisors can be challenging, but the above-listed activities can make it more fun and accessible. Teachers can use these activities to create a varied and engaging learning experience for their students, especially when combined with other teaching methods. By helping students achieve mastery of this skill, teachers can help students become confident in their mathematical abilities and prepare them for future mathematical challenges.  

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