Activities to Teach Students to Complete the Sentence With the Correct Contraction

Teaching students correct grammar and spelling is an important part of any language curriculum. One area that can be challenging is teaching students how to use contractions correctly. Contractions are shortened versions of two words, typically a pronoun and a verb or the verb to be. For example, “can not” becomes “can’t” and “it is” becomes “it’s.”

There are many activities teachers can use to help students learn how to use contractions correctly. Here are a few ideas:

1. Matching Game:

Create pairs of cards with one card containing a phrase with a contraction and the other card containing the full version of the phrase. Have students match the two cards together.

2. Fill-in-the-Blank:

Write sentences on the board but leave out the contraction. Have students raise their hand and fill in the blank with the correct contraction (e.g. “I am going to the store” – students should say “I’m going to the store.”)

3. Song Lyrics:

Use popular song lyrics that contain contractions (e.g. “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake) and have students circle all the contractions they find.

4. Bingo:

Create bingo cards with contractions instead of numbers. Read out the full phrases and have students mark off the corresponding contraction on their bingo card.

5. Mad Libs:

Use a Mad Libs template and have students fill in the blanks with contractions. This is a fun way for students to practice using contractions in a playful and creative way.

6. Scavenger Hunt:

Hide contractions around the classroom and have students search for them. Once they find a contraction, they should write down the full version of the phrase it represents.

7. Technology:

Use online resources, such as games or interactive quizzes, to reinforce the use of contractions in a fun and engaging way.

It’s important to remember that correct grammar and spelling are important skills for students to develop, and learning how to use contractions correctly is just one part of this. By using creative and engaging activities to teach contractions, students can gain confidence in their language skills and become more effective communicators. 

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