Activities to Teach Students to Complete the Sentence With the Correct Sight Word: Sets 4, 5, 6, 7

Every child learns at their own pace, and in different ways. When it comes to learning sight words, repetition and hands-on activities can be a great way to help students memorize these important words. Here are some activities to help teach your students to complete sentences with the correct sight word, sets 4-7.

Set 4: Jump, Look, Not, Too

1. Word Scavenger Hunt:

Make flashcards with the sight words from Set 4, and hide them around the classroom or outside. Students can hunt for the words and match them to the correct sentences.

2. Memory Match:

Create a matching game with the Set 4 sight words. Write each sight word on one card and the corresponding sentence on another. Students can take turns flipping over cards, trying to find a match.

3. Fill in the Blank:

Write a sentence on the board with a missing sight word from Set 4. Students can work individually or in pairs to fill in the blank with the correct word.

Set 5: Big, Find, Funny, Help

1. Sight Word Bingo:

Create bingo cards with the Set 5 sight words. Call out sentences with the missing sight word and have students match the word to the sentence and mark it on their bingo card.

2. Mad Libs:

Use Set 5 sight words to create a Mad Libs-style story. Students can fill in the missing words with the correct sight words from the set.

3. Sentence Strips:

Write sentences with missing Set 5 sight words on sentence strips. Students can fill in the blanks with word cards or write the correct word on the strip with a dry-erase marker.

Set 6: Away, Big, Blue, Can

1. Charades:

Write Set 6 sight words on slips of paper and put them in a bag. Have students take turns picking a word and acting it out for the class to guess.

2. Word Sort:

Create four labels with the Set 6 sight words on them. Give students a list of words and have them sort them into the correct category.

3. Sentence Match-Up:

Write sentences with missing Set 6 sight words on small cards. Give students a bag of word cards and have them match the word to the sentence on the card.

Set 7: Come, Down, For, Get

1. Sight Word Relay:

Divide students into teams and give each team a list of Set 7 sight words. Have them take turns running to the board and filling in a missing word from the list.

2. Sentence Puzzles:

Write sentences with Set 7 sight words on small cards, and cut the cards in half to create puzzle pieces. Have students match the two halves of the sentence together.

3. Fill in the Blank Books:

Create small books with sentences missing sight words from Set 7. Have students fill in the blanks with the correct words and read the completed book aloud.

With these activities, your students will not only memorize the sight words in Sets 4-7, but they will have fun while doing so. These hands-on, interactive methods will engage your students and help them master these important building blocks of reading.  

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