Activities to Teach Students to Complete the Short I Words

As a teacher, you must be aware of the importance of teaching your students how to complete short I words with precision. Having a strong command over these words can help them improve their reading and spelling abilities, and most importantly, it can enhance their communication skills. If you are looking for inventive ways to teach your students how to complete short I words, we have got you covered. Here are some activities that you can try.

1. Matching Game:

This activity is fun and interactive, and your students will enjoy it. In this game, you need to create two sets of cards, one with incomplete short I words, and one with the missing letter(s). Students must match the incomplete word card with the missing letter card to complete the word. Once they make the match, they can read the word aloud. This activity can help students practice identifying, reading, and spelling short I words.

2. A Word Hunt:

The Word-hunt is another fantastic activity that can make learning fun for your students. To play this game, you need to hide cards with incomplete short I words in the classroom or the schoolyard. Students must find the word cards and fill the blanks with the missing letters. They can also read the words aloud after completing them. This activity will get them moving and help them in recognizing words better.

3. Short I Words Hangman:

Hangman is a classic game that most students enjoy playing. To play this game, choose an incomplete short I word, draw blank lines for each missing letter, and allow the students to guess the letters by providing hints. Each incorrect guess leads to the drawing of a piece of the hangman. This activity can be a bit challenging, but it will help students in not only reading and spelling short I words but also in strategizing and guessing.

4. Phonics Rhyme Game:

This activity is a great way to introduce your students to word families. To play this game, you must prepare a set of cards with incomplete short I words that belong to the same word family. For example, cut, hut, but, nut, etc. Students then need to fill the blanks with the missing letters to complete the words. You can guide the students by showing them the spelling pattern of the words which belongs in the family. This activity will reinforce the concept of rhyming and phonics in your students.

5. Scramble:

The Scramble is a fun challenge activity for your students. You need to prepare a set of cards with jumbled short I words, and students must unscramble the letters and complete the word with precision. This can be a fun way to make them recognize and learn spelling patterns for short I words.


These are five activities that can help teach your students how to complete short I words. Each activity is unique, interactive, and most importantly, engaging. These games can break the monotony of traditional teaching methods and help students learn in a fun way with active participation. By experimenting with these methods, you can make the learning process a lot more exciting and effective for your students.  

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