Activities to Teach Students to Complete the Silent E Words

Silent E, also known as magic E, is a vital part of the English language, mainly used to change the pronunciation of words. The silent E words are a basic building block of reading and writing, and it is important that students learn how to use them correctly.

Teaching students the silent E words can be challenging, but there are some fun and engaging activities that can help make the learning process more enjoyable. Here are some great ideas for teaching students how to complete silent E words.

1. Silent E Word Hunt

One of the best ways to teach students how to use silent E words is by making a game out of it. In this activity, students will go on a silent E word hunt around the classroom or school. They will be asked to find as many words with a silent E as possible and write them down. Once they have all of the words, they will be asked to read them aloud and identify the silent E in each word.

2. Silent E Fishing

Silent E fishing is another great activity to teach students about the magic E. In this activity, students will create fish with silent E words written on them. The fish can be cut out of construction paper or cardstock. Students will then use a magnetic fishing rod to catch fish and match them with the correct picture or word, identifying the silent E.

3. Silent E Word Building

This activity is perfect for younger or struggling students. It involves teaching silent E by having students build words using letter tiles. Students will form a three-letter word by placing tiles on a board, then add the silent E and two more letters to create a new word. This activity can also be done digitally by using an app or website that allows students to manipulate letter tiles on a screen.

4. Silent E Sight Word Game

Games are a great way to keep students engaged and motivated. The Silent E Sight Word Game is a fun and exciting way to teach students the silent E words. In this game, students will be given a set of silent E words mixed with non-silent E words. They will have to read the words identifying the silent E, and if they get it right, they will get a point. It is an excellent way to reinforce the silent E concept while also working on reading comprehension.


Teaching silent E words is essential for reading and writing success. The above activities are just a few examples of how you can help your students master the silent E concept. Use these activities, or create your own, and watch your students become confident readers and writers in no time.    

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