Activities to Teach Students to Complete the Subtraction Sentence – Up to 10

Teaching subtraction can be a challenging task for teachers as sometimes students tend to have difficulty commencing subtraction. Completing the subtraction sentence can be even more perplexing. In order to make the subtraction concepts more feasible for students, teachers can execute a handful of subtraction activities that can facilitate students with complete subtraction sentences with ease.

Here are a few of the activities that teachers can execute to teach students to complete the subtraction sentence – up to ten:

1. Visualizing subtraction:

To make subtraction more understandable for the students, the teacher can make use of manipulatives such as blocks or cubes. Students can set up a problem by using these manipulatives and visualize the process of subtraction.

2. Using Number line:

To help students understand number relation, teachers can make use of a number line. It allows them to gain an aspect of how numbers are related with each other. This activity makes it less complex to understand the two-digit subtraction process for kids.

3. Mental math:

To improve students’ speed of calculation, teachers can instruct them to play mental math games. For example, teachers can call out a subtraction problem and the students can mentally calculate the differential in their minds.

4. Role-playing:

Role-playing can be an interactive activity to help students understand subtraction. The teacher can play the role of a candy store owner and the students can buy some candies. They can then subtract the price from the money they have and learn the basic concept of subtraction.

5. Subtraction with games:

Games are always a good way of learning something new. The teacher can use several subtraction games, such as bingo or puzzles, to create a fun and interactive learning environment. These games will assist students in learning subtraction concepts while developing their problem-solving skills.

In Conclusion, teachers can make use of several visual, interactive and fun activities to teach subtraction concepts to students. These activities help students gain a solid foundation in subtraction techniques while making learning more enjoyable. By practicing these activities, students can develop their arithmetic skills and learn to complete subtraction sentences with confidence.  

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