Activities to Teach Students to Complete the Word With the Correct R-Controlled Vowel: ar, er, ir, Or, ur

As educators, we all know that reading and writing are two essential skills that our students must master as they progress through their academic journey. One crucial component of building students’ reading and writing abilities is teaching them to identify and use r-controlled vowels. R-controlled vowels are vowel sounds that are followed by the letter r, causing the vowel to have a unique pronunciation. Some examples include “car,” “fern,” “bird,” “fork,” and “fur.” To help students recognize and use these sounds accurately, it’s important to use a variety of engaging activities. Let’s explore some activities that can help students complete words with the correct r-controlled vowel.

1) Sorting Activity:

Cut out a set of words that contain r-controlled vowels and place them into a pile. Give each student a sorting mat with the different r-controlled vowel sounds listed (ar, er, ir, or, ur). Ask the students to read each word and place it onto the correct sorting mat.

2) Word Hunt:

Provide students with a worksheet that contains a list of words. Ask them to search for and circle all of the words that contain an r-controlled vowel sound.

3) Word Building:

Provide students with a set of letter tiles or magnetic letters containing letters that make up r-controlled vowel sounds. Ask students to use the letters to build words that contain r-controlled vowels.

4) Matching:

Create two sets of word cards – one set containing words with r-controlled vowels and the other set containing images that match the words. Shuffle the cards and ask students to match the image cards to the corresponding word cards.

5) Word Jumble:

Create a set of scrambled up words that contain r-controlled vowels. Ask students to unscramble the words to reveal the correct spelling and pronunciation.

6) Fill in the Blank:

Provide students with a sentence that has a missing word with an r-controlled vowel. Ask them to choose the correct r-controlled vowel to complete the sentence correctly.

7) Anchor Chart:

Create a poster that highlights r-controlled vowel sounds, their spellings, and examples of words that contain those sounds. Display the poster in the classroom to help students reference it when reading and writing words.

In conclusion, teaching students to complete words with the correct r-controlled vowel is essential for mastering reading and writing skills. These seven activities offer engaging and interactive ways for students to practice identifying and using r-controlled vowels in their reading and writing. With consistent practice, students will gain the confidence and skillset to use these sounds accurately in the long-term.

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