Activities to Teach Students to Correct Inappropriate Shifts in Pronoun Number and Person

Pronoun errors are common mistakes that students make during their academic career. Inappropriate shifts in pronoun number and person occur when students change the subject, the number, or person within a sentence, causing inconsistency and confusion. This kind of mistake can be confusing for readers and listeners, so it’s crucial to teach students the importance of correcting these errors.

Teachers should engage students in activities to help them correct inappropriate shifts in pronoun number and person. Here are some activities that can help students to enhance their skills and avoid such errors:

1. Group Activity:

One great way to teach pronoun agreement is to encourage students to work in groups. Divide students into small groups and give them a sentence with a pronoun error. Ask them to work collaboratively to identify and correct the error. Each group can take turns presenting their sentence and their corrected version to the class.

2. Board Game:

Creating a board game that focuses on correct pronoun usage is another engaging and effective way to help students learn. The board game should include sentences with errors in pronoun number and person. Students can take turns rolling a dice and moving their game marker to a corresponding square. On each square, they will need to read a sentence and identify the pronoun error, then explain how they would correct it.

3. Role-playing:

Role-playing can be an interactive and enjoyable way to teach students how to use the correct pronouns in speech. Provide students with a script and have them act out a dialogue. Ensure there are instances of incorrect pronoun usage in the script. Afterward, students should review the dialogue and identify the mistakes. Then, they should practice rephrasing the dialogue using correct pronoun usage.

4. Interactive Grammar Resources:

Using interactive online resources or apps can be a fun and engaging way for students to learn and practice appropriate pronoun usage. These resources can create a gamified experience where students can test their skills and complete challenges.

In conclusion, correcting inappropriate shifts in pronoun numbers and persons is essential for clear and concise communication. Engaging and interactive activities can help students to develop a better understanding of pronoun usage and ensure they are using correct grammar. With frequent practice and feedback, students can improve their grammar skills and gain better confidence in their writing and speaking abilities.   

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