Activities to Teach Students to Count on Ten Frames – Up to 40

Ten frames are a powerful tool for teaching math to young students. They provide an easy and visual way to introduce and reinforce counting, addition, subtraction, and many other mathematical concepts. In this article, we will explore several activities that teachers can use to help their students learn to count on ten frames, up to the number 40.

1. Fill the Ten Frame

This activity is a simple way to introduce students to ten frames. Start by providing each student with their own blank ten frame. Then, instruct them to fill in the first cell with a colored counter. Next, have them fill the remaining cells in the top row with the same colored counter. After that, instruct them to continue filling out the other rows until the entire ten frame is complete.

2. Counting with Ten Frames

This activity involves using ten frames to teach students how to count from 1 to 40. To begin, display a ten frame with one or two counters on it. Instruct the students to count how many counters are on the ten frame. Then, add another counter to the ten frame and have the students count again. Repeat this process until you have reached the number 40.

3. Add Using Ten Frames

This activity introduces students to addition using ten frames. Begin by displaying two ten frames side by side. Fill in one ten frame with a certain number of counters and the other with a different amount of counters. Ask the students to count how many counters are on each individual ten frame. Then, combine both ten frames and have the students count how many counters are on both. Encourage them to count independently and then compare their answers with their classmates.

4. Subtract Using Ten Frames

Similarly, this activity teaches students how to subtract using ten frames. The teacher can display a ten frame with a certain amount of counters and then remove one or two of those counters. The students will be tasked with figuring out how many counters remain after the subtraction.

5. Puzzle Ten Frames

This is a fun activity that involves cutting out ten frames and puzzles pieces. Distribute the ten frames and puzzle pieces to the students and have them match the puzzle pieces to the ten frames. The ten frames can display different numbers, with the puzzle pieces displaying the corresponding number of counters.

In conclusion, these activities make use of the powerful tool that ten frames provide to aid in teaching young students about math. Counting on ten frames is an essential skill that lays a foundation in the education of these students. By applying these activities, teachers can keep their students engaged and help them become masters of counting on ten frames up to forty.

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