Activities to Teach Students to Count Up – Up to 20

Learning to count can be an exciting and fun-filled activity for students. It is a foundational skill that sets the stage for mathematical thinking and problem-solving. Teaching students to count can be as simple as counting fingers or counting objects in a room. Here are some activities that will help students learn to count up to 20.

1. Counting on Fingers: This is a classic activity that never gets old. Have your students hold up their fingers and count out loud. Start with 1 and work your way up to 20. Encourage your students to count on using one finger at a time.

2. Counting Blocks: This activity is great for younger students. Use blocks of different colors and shapes and have students count them out loud. You can also use blocks to create patterns and have students count the blocks in the pattern.

3. Number Lines: Number lines are a great visual aid for counting. Draw a number line on the board or use a large one on the classroom wall. Have students count up to 20 by pointing to each number.

4. Counting Toys: Have students bring in their favorite toys, such as dolls or action figures, and count them out loud. This activity is especially fun for younger students.

5. Counting Songs: Use catchy songs to teach counting. For example, “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” or “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” These songs are great for introducing counting and helping students remember numbers.

6. Counting Games: Games are a great way to make learning fun. Play games like “Roll and Count” or “Counting Scavenger Hunt.” In “Roll and Count,” students roll a dice and count out loud the number they rolled. “Counting Scavenger Hunt” allows students to count objects around the room or outside.

7. Counting Books: Read counting books to your class, such as “Ten Apples Up On Top!” or “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” These books not only teach counting but are also great for teaching math concepts like addition and subtraction.

These activities will help students learn to count up to 20 in a fun and engaging way. Remember to keep it simple and build on skills as students progress. With practice, your students will be counting like experts in no time!


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