Activities to Teach Students to Find the Vowel in the Word


Learning how to find vowels in a word is a fundamental skill that every elementary student must master before moving forward in their reading education. Vowels are essential because they have the most significant impact on a word’s pronunciation and can greatly affect its meaning. For example, “bit” and “bat” are entirely different words with different meanings, but they only differ primarily in their vowels. Here are some activities you can use to help your students master this crucial skill.

1) Sorting activity – This activity will help your students identify vowels in words by sorting them into different categories. Create vowel cards or use different-colored sticky notes to represent each vowel. Then, write some words on index cards, flashcards, or whiteboard that include the five vowels or consonants. Have the students sort the words into the correct vowel category. This activity can be done individually or in pairs.

2) Word hunt – Give your students a list of words and ask them to circle the vowels in each word. You can also provide them with a colored highlighter to make the activity more fun and engaging. For younger children, you may want to have them work in pairs or small groups to encourage teamwork and collaboration.

3) Vowel bee – This activity is like a spelling bee, but instead of spelling words, participants have to identify the vowels in each word. Start with easy words and gradually increase the difficulty level as the game progresses.

4) Word building – Give your students plastic or magnetic letters and have them use these to spell out different words containing vowels. This activity will help them visualize the word’s construction and notice the vowels’ placement and function.

5) Playdough activity – This activity will not only help your students identify vowels in words but also enhance their tactile skills. Give your students some playdough and ask them to create letter shapes and words containing the vowels. You can also use cookie cutters with letter shapes to make the activity more fun and interactive.

In conclusion, these five activities are excellent tools for teaching students to find the vowels in a word, and they can be easily incorporated into your lesson plans. Make sure to tailor the activities to fit your students’ age and skill level and keep the activities engaging and interactive to encourage participation and retention. With practice and patience, your students will soon master this essential reading skill, paving the way for successful future reading comprehension.

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