Activities to Teach Students to Form Compound Words With Pictures

Compound words are an essential part of the English language that many students struggle with. A compound word is formed by combining two or more words to create a new word. For instance, when you combine the word “sun” and “flower,” it forms the word “sunflower.” There are several ways to teach students how to form compound words with pictures, and it can be an enjoyable and exciting learning experience for them.

Here are some of the activities you can use to teach your students to form compound words with pictures.

1. Picture Puzzles

In this activity, you would need to create a set of picture puzzles where students would match two pictures that come together to form a compound word. For instance, you can have a picture of a “butter” and “fly” to make “butterfly” or an “ice” and “cream” picture to make “ice cream.”

To make it more challenging, you can mix up the pictures, and students have to work together to solve the puzzle. This activity encourages team-building and problem-solving skills while also expanding their vocabulary.

2. Compound Words Bingo

Create a bingo board filled with compound words. The bingo squares can have either one or two pictures, and students have to match the pictures on their cards with the words called out to them.

To make it more advanced, you can add a twist to the game by giving out clues about the picture or word before they match them together. This activity aids in improving students’ listening skills and enhances their understanding of compound words.

3. Alphabet Strip

Give each student an alphabet strip and tell them to cut out individual letters. Then have them create a list of words that can be joined to make compound words and use their newly created list with the cut-out letters to create their own compound words.

To make it more challenging, you can give students a time limit or a specific set of letters to use in their compound word creations. This activity promotes independence and creativity while also enhancing their knowledge of letter sounds.

4. Blend and Build

Blending and building is a fun, interactive activity that helps students understand how compound words are created. Write two separate letters on two different sides of a cube or dice. Students would roll the dice and write down the letters on a sheet of paper. Then they have to blend the letters together to form a new word.

You can make this activity even more fun by incorporating graphics or pictures on the dice that correspond to each word they create. This activity enhances their phonics skills and improves their writing abilities.

Overall, using pictures can be an engaging and interactive way to teach students how to form compound words. Through these fun activities, students can learn to form compound words, which will improve their vocabulary and writing skills.

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