Activities to Teach Students to Identify and Correct Errors With Subject-Verb Agreement

As a teacher, it’s important to have a variety of activities to engage students in the process of learning. One area that many students struggle with is identifying and correcting errors with subject-verb agreement.

Here are some fun activities to help students master this concept:

1. Subject-Verb Match-Up

This activity is a great warm-up exercise that works well with younger learners. Provide students with a list of subjects and verbs and ask them to match them up. For example, “The dog (subject) runs (verb)” would be matched with “The dogs (subject) run (verb).”

2. Verb Charades

This activity requires a bit more creativity but is a lot of fun. Divide students into groups and give each group a set of verbs. One student acts out the verb while the others guess what it is. If the group guesses the verb correctly, they must identify the subject that agrees with that verb.

3. Sentence Scramble

This activity challenges students to unscramble a sentence with incorrect subject-verb agreement. For example, “The dogs barks” could be re-written as “The dogs bark.” This exercise helps students to recognize when a sentence does not make sense and to identify the correct verb tense.

4. Edit the Paragraph

Provide students with a paragraph full of subject-verb agreement errors and ask them to correct the mistakes. This activity allows learners to practice their editing skills while also reinforcing proper subject-verb agreement. To make it more fun, allow students to work in pairs or groups and race to see who can find and correct the errors first.

5. Mad Libs

Mad Libs are a classic game that can be easily adapted to teach subject-verb agreement. Create a short story with blanks and ask students to fill in the missing words, making sure the subjects and verbs agree. This activity is not only engaging but also encourages creativity and critical thinking skills.

In conclusion, these activities provide a variety of ways to teach subject-verb agreement to students. By incorporating engaging and fun activities, students are more likely to take an interest in the material and, as a result, retain the information. Keep in mind that consistent practice is key to mastering this concept, so try to incorporate these activities and similar ones regularly to ensure students are making progress.

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