Activities to Teach Students to Identify and Correct Pronoun Errors With “Who”

Pronouns can be a tricky part of speech for students to understand, especially when it comes to using “who” correctly. However, with some creativity and engaging activities, you can help your students master the use of “who” in no time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Sentence Analysis Game:

This simple but effective game can help students learn to identify pronoun errors, including those with “who.” Begin by creating a few simple sentences with “who” pronouns that contain errors (for example, “Who is the boy walked down the street?) Write each sentence on a whiteboard and have students work in groups to identify the errors. Students can take turns correcting the errors and the team with the most corrected sentences wins.

2. Choose the Correct Pronoun:

Another way to help students practice using “who” correctly is to provide them with a list of sentences and ask them to choose the correct pronoun. For instance, you can create a worksheet or give them an online quiz where they have to choose between “who” or “whom.” Try to use sentences that are relevant and relatable to the students’ interests.

3. Real-life Examples:

Using real-life examples of “who” pronoun errors can help students understand how to use them correctly. You can either use examples from everyday situations or find articles online that contain “who” errors and have students work in pairs to identify and correct the mistakes. Not only will this help them practice their skills, but it will also help them understand why it’s important to use pronouns correctly.

4. Picture Prompt:

Using picture prompts can be an effective way to teach students the correct use of pronouns. You can start by giving them a picture and asking them to describe the people in the picture using “who” pronouns. After that, slowly introduce more complex prompts, such as asking them to create sentences using “who” that describe the people’s actions or emotions in the picture.

5. Interactive Writing Activity:

An interactive writing activity is a fantastic way to let students practice their grammatical skills while also improving their writing. You can start by giving them a paragraph with “who” errors and ask them to correct them. After that, have students work in pairs to write a short paragraph using “who” correctly.

In conclusion, teaching students to identify and correct pronoun errors can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible one. By using engaging and interactive activities like sentence analysis games, choosing the correct pronoun exercises, real-life examples, picture prompts, and interactive writing activities, you can help students master the use of “who” in no time. All you need is a little creativity and patience, and you’ll see how your students’ understanding of pronouns improves over time.

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