Activities to Teach Students to Identify Run-On Sentences

Learning to identify and correct run-on sentences can be a challenging task for students. However, it is an essential skill that students need to acquire to develop effective communication skills. A run-on sentence is a sentence that contains two or more independent clauses that are not correctly punctuated or separated.

Here are some activities that can help teach students to identify run-on sentences:

1. Sentence Combining:

This activity encourages students to combine two or more sentences into a single sentence. Start by giving students a few sentences and ask them to combine them into a single sentence with appropriate punctuation. It helps students to identify which clauses can stand alone and which require a coordinating conjunction or separate punctuation.

2. Beat the Sentence:

This game is an excellent way to engage students in recognizing run-on sentences. To play, write some sentences on the board and ask teams of students to identify the run-on sentence first. The team that identifies the sentence first gets a point, and the game continues until all sentences are identified.

3. Relay Race:

Divide the students into teams and ask them to write a sentence on a piece of paper that contains a run-on sentence. The first student in each team will write a sentence on a piece of paper with a marker, then pass the marker to the next team member who will add a coordinating conjunction or other appropriate punctuation where necessary. The game will continue until one team finishes a sentence with correct punctuation and wins.

4. Sentence Construction:

This activity involves giving students clauses that they have to build into a sentence. They can work independently or in groups. Once the students have written the sentence, they need to check for proper punctuation and identify any run-on sentences.

5. Punctuation Practice:

Finally, students need to master the appropriate use of punctuation to separate independent clauses. A hands-on exercise where students can create their worksheet and practice adding the appropriate punctuation marks can be helpful in achieving that.

In conclusion, teaching students to identify run-on sentences is a vital step in helping them become effective communicators. These activities provide an interactive way to engage students in this skill and reinforce the importance of punctuation in writing. They are also a great way of breaking up monotonous grammar lessons and making them fun for students.

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