Activities to Teach Students to Make Teen Numbers: Words

When it comes to teaching math to young students, it’s important to ensure they understand the basics before moving on to more complex ideas. One such basic concept is the ability to make teen numbers using words and numbers. Teen numbers are numbers from 13 to 19, and they can be tricky for some students to grasp. However, there are many activities that teachers can use to help students learn to make teen numbers with ease.

1. Number Card Match-Up

This activity involves creating cards with teen numbers in both words and numbers on them. Mix up the cards and have your students match up the words with the numbers. This activity will help reinforce the connection between teen numbers in words and numbers.

2. Mystery Numbers

Another fun activity involves giving your students a set of cards with a mix of teen numbers and other numbers. Have them pick a card and give clues about the number on the card, such as “I am a teen number” or “I have a one and a three in my name.” As a bonus, this activity also helps with critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills.

3. Charting Teen Numbers

Create a chart or graph that includes the teen numbers and have your students fill in the words and numbers for each. This activity engages visual learners and is an excellent way to reinforce the idea of teen numbers.

4. Roll and Say

In this activity, students roll a die, and the number they roll represents the number of teen numbers they need to say in words. For example, if a student rolls a three, they would have to say 13, 14, and 15. This activity is straightforward and is great for reinforcing the idea of counting in sequence.

5. Teen Number Scavenger Hunt

This activity involves hiding cards with teen numbers in the classroom or outside on the playground. Your students need to find all the cards and write down the words and numbers for each. This activity is especially beneficial because it gets students up and moving and engages both visual and kinesthetic learners.

In conclusion, these activities are just a few examples of ways to teach your students how to make teen numbers with words. Using a combination of these activities, along with various other techniques, will help students master this fundamental math concept. Once students understand how to make teen numbers with words, they’ll be able to apply this knowledge to more complex math problems down the road.

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