Activities to Teach Students to Multiply by a Multiple of Ten

Multiplying by a multiple of ten is a significant skill that every student should learn in their early math education. It involves multiplying a number by 10, 100, or 1000, which can be challenging for young learners. However, there are many fun and engaging activities that can assist students in mastering this skill while having a good time.

1. Place value chart

One of the most effective activities to teach students to multiply by a multiple of ten is using a place value chart. Start by showing the students a place value chart and how it works. Then explain the significance of the position of digits in the number. For instance, when you multiply a number by ten, all the digits shift one place to the left on the place value chart.

To help the students understand this concept, ask them to give you a two-digit number like 34. Then ask them to show you how to multiply it by 10 by using the place value chart. The answer should be 340. Repeat this exercise until the students have a firm grasp of the concept.

2. Multiplication War

Multiplication War is a fun game that students can play to improve their multiplication skills. It is a game that requires two or more players. Each player gets decked with multiplication cards, and they draw one card each at a time. The player with the highest product (when multiplied by multiples of ten) wins the hand and collects all the cards.

If there is a tie, the players must draw another card until there is a clear winner. The game continues until one player has all the cards.

3. Multiplication Bingo

This is another game that students can play in pairs, small groups, or as a whole class. Distribute pre-made Bingo cards that contain the answers to multiplication questions. Then call out multiples of ten multiplication questions. The students can mark their Bingo cards if the answers to the questions they hear. The first student to get five in a row is the winner.

4. Multiplication by 10 race

This is a quick and easy activity that can keep the students engaged while learning. Start by dividing the students into groups of two or three. Then provide each group with a multiplication table from 0 to 10. Next, give them a specific multiple of ten, like 70. The students then race to see which team will get the most correct answers when they multiply the numbers on their multiplication table by 70. The first group to correctly complete all ten problems wins the race.

5.Multiplication by 10 hopscotch

Lastly, you can use hopscotch to teach multiplication by ten. Draw a hopscotch grid and label each square with a number. Have the students hop on one square at a time, starting from 1 and going up to 10. In each new square, ask the student to multiply the number they are on by ten before they take a hop. For instance, when they are on square 3, they will multiply it by ten and say 30 before hoping on to the next square.

In conclusion, mastering the concept of multiplication by multiples of ten is crucial for a student’s early math education. Teacher’s should use engaging and fun activities to assist their students in learning this skill. By making it fun and interactive, students can quickly develop an understanding of multiplying by tens and improve their mental math speed.

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