Activities to Teach Students to Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers can be a challenging task for students, but with the right activities, it can be fun and engaging. Here are some activities that can help students master this skill:

1. Fraction Pizza:

Create a pizza with different toppings and cut it into fractional pieces. Ask students to multiply the toppings by a whole number and then show their work by shading the appropriate fraction.

2. Fraction Bingo:

Create a bingo card with different fractions and whole numbers. Students can practice multiplying the fractions by the whole numbers and marking off the resulting product on their bingo card.

3. Fraction War:

A classic card game, students can play a game of war but using fraction cards instead of numbers. The winner is the player with the highest product of the fraction and whole number.

4. Fraction Wall:

Create a large fraction wall on the classroom board or a sheet of poster paper. Ask students to pick a whole number and then show how to multiply each fraction with that number and then place it on the corresponding spot on the fraction wall.

5. Fraction Builder:

Provide students with manipulatives such as fraction tiles or blocks. Ask them to build a certain fraction and then multiply it by a whole number to show the resulting product.

6. Fraction Scavenger Hunt:

Hide different fractions and whole numbers around the classroom or school. Students must find the hidden numbers and then multiply the fractions with those numbers to get the resulting product.

These activities not only help students to practice multiplying fractions with whole numbers but also aid in developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and team-building skills. By incorporating hands-on and interactive activities, learning becomes more engaging and memorable.

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