Activities to Teach Students to Multiply Two Decimals: Products Up to Hundredths

Multiplying decimals can be difficult to understand for many students, especially when it comes to multiplying two decimal numbers. In this article, we will discuss some engaging and effective activities that teachers can use to teach students how to multiply two decimals up to hundredths.

1. Decimals with Models

This activity involves using manipulatives or models to assist your students in understanding the concepts of decimals. Provide each student with a hundred chart and a set of colored pencils. Start the activity by writing two decimal numbers on the board and then ask your students to plot the two numbers on the chart. Once the students understand where the numbers fall, they can use the colors to highlight the area of the chart that needs to be shaded for each number. Next, the students need to multiply the two decimals and then shade the appropriate area of the hundred chart to represent the product.

2. Roll the Dice

This activity involves using a pair of dice to generate different decimal numbers. Divide the class into pairs and give each group a pair of dice. Ask each group to roll the dice and then write the resulting decimal numbers on a sheet of paper. Have the students multiply the two decimal numbers, and then write the product on another sheet of paper. The first team to complete five correct products wins the game. This activity helps students to improve their multiplication skills while having fun.

3. Interactive Games

There are many interactive games available online that can help students to learn to multiply decimals. One popular game is called “Decimals Jeopardy,” which allows students to compete with each other in a fun and interactive way while learning the concepts of decimals. You can set different levels of difficulty depending on the students’ levels and abilities.

4. Real-Life Examples

Another effective way to teach students how to multiply decimals is to use real-life examples. This approach can make the concepts more relatable and easier to understand. For example, you can use prices of products at a store to show how to multiply decimals. You can also use measurements such as the length and width of a room to help students learn to calculate area.

5. Challenge Worksheets

Challenge worksheets are a great way to help students push their abilities to the limit. These worksheets contain harder questions that require problem-solving skills. Teachers can use websites such as Math-Drills to generate challenge worksheets for multiplication of decimals. Teachers can also use this approach to differentiate instruction based on individual abilities.


The above activities offer many methods for teachers to engage students in learning how to multiply decimals and make the process less intimidating. These activities can be used alongside conventional teaching approaches to ensure that students develop the necessary skills required for success in mathematics. By applying these methods, students will gain confidence in working with decimal numbers and will be equipped with a valuable skill for the rest of their lives.


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