Activities to Teach Students to Name Polygons: Up to 6 Sides

Polygon refers to a closed, two-dimensional shape that is formed with straight lines. Polygons are all around us, from the shape of a stop sign to the walls of a building. Polygons come in different shapes and sizes, and the sides of a polygon may vary in length. Teaching students the names of polygons can be a fun and interactive process. Here are some engaging activities to help students learn the names of polygons that have up to six sides.

1. Polygon Bingo

Play polygon bingo with your students using a bingo board with pictures of polygons of up to six sides. Call out the names of the polygons instead of numbers, and students can mark off the corresponding shape on their board. This activity is a fun way to reinforce the names of polygons.

2. Polygon I Spy

For this activity, place pictures of polygons around the classroom or hide them in different places. Students then use a checklist to find and identify them based on their name. This activity challenges students to think and look closely at polygons.

3. Polygon Scavenger Hunt

Take your students on a polygon scavenger hunt around the schoolyard. Provide them with a list of different polygons with up to six sides and challenge them to find each of them. This interactive activity will not only reinforce the names of polygons, but also get your students moving and active.

4. Polygon Memory Game

Create a memory game with pictures of polygons with up to six sides. Use colorful cards with the name of polygon written on one side and an image on the other side. Students can flip the cards over and try to match each polygon with its corresponding name. This activity works well as a classroom game or as a learning center activity.

5. Real-life Examples

Encourage your students to find polygons in their surroundings and take pictures of them. They can then bring the pictures to class and share them with their peers. This activity will allow students to identify and appreciate the different polygons they encounter in their daily lives.

In conclusion, these activities offer fun and engaging ways to teach students the names of polygons with up to six sides. By incorporating different activities to learn polygons, students will be encouraged to think, participate, and engage in the learning process. This approach will allow them to better understand the shapes that surround them and will develop their geometric vocabulary.


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